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Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Odisha

Updated: Jun 28

Odisha's real estate landscape is dotted with exceptional companies that deliver outstanding services and high-quality projects. Here, we present a list of the top 10 real estate companies in Odisha, where you can find your next dream property:

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in Odisha

1. Tata Housing

Tata Housing is a renowned name in the Indian real estate industry, with a significant presence in Odisha. They are celebrated for their luxurious and affordable residential projects, upholding a strong reputation for quality and timely delivery.

2. DN Homes

DN Homes stands out as a leading real estate developer in Odisha, recognized for their innovative designs and modern amenities. Their portfolio includes numerous residential and commercial projects that cater to the urban lifestyle, making them a preferred choice for many homebuyers.

3. Mason Estates

Mason Estates has earned a stellar reputation for constructing high-quality homes and commercial spaces. Their projects are acclaimed for architectural excellence and strategic locations, attracting a large number of buyers in Odisha.

4. Z Estates

Z Estates is committed to creating sustainable and eco-friendly living environments. Their projects boast modern amenities and are situated in prime locations across Odisha.

Z states is known for its customer-centric approach and transparency in operations.

5. Urbancraft

Urbancraft is an emerging leader in Odisha’s real estate company, known for their innovative designs and superior construction quality. They offer a diverse range of residential and commercial properties to suit various budget ranges. Urbancraft's dedication to customer satisfaction and timely project completion has secured their place among the top real estate companies in the region.

6. Vipul Group

Vipul Group has been a significant player in Odisha's real estate sector for many years. Their portfolio includes numerous residential and commercial projects renowned for their superior quality and modern amenities. The group focuses on delivering exceptional value to its customers.

7. Trident Properties

Trident Properties is known for its affordable housing projects and exceptional customer service. They offer a wide range of residential and commercial properties in prime locations across Odisha. Trident Properties is committed to providing quality homes at competitive prices


8. Surekha Builders

Surekha Builders have built a strong reputation in Odisha’s real estate market with their high-quality projects. They focus on delivering well-planned residential and commercial spaces that meet the needs of modern buyers, known for their excellent construction quality and timely delivery.

9. Shuvam Construction

Shuvam Construction is a trusted name in Odisha’s real estate industry. They offer a variety of residential and commercial projects catering to different buyer segments. Shuvam Construction is known for its transparency, quality construction, and customer-centric approach.

10. Metro Builders

Metro Builders has been a pillar in the real estate business for several decades, developing numerous landmark projects in Odisha. They specialize in creating homes that offer comfort, luxury, and modern amenities. Metro Builders is a reliable name for real estate investment in Odisha.

These top 10 real estate companies in Odisha have demonstrated their expertise and reliability in the industry. Whether you are searching for a luxurious apartment, a budget-friendly home, or a commercial space, these companies provide a plethora of options to meet your needs. Among them, Urbancraft shines with its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to quality, making it an excellent choice for your next real estate investment.

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